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City of Oceanside

Small Business Emergency Loan Application

Personal Address

4. Do you own the building out of which your business is run?

4A. If you do not own your building, are you current on your rent through February 2020?

If yes, please provide contact info for landlord.

5. Have you requested a rent deferral or reduction from your landlord?

5A. Has your landlord provided you with a decision?

8. Is the business currently the subject of a collection action or have a court judgment against it?

9. Does the business have any existing outstanding loans?

11. Does the business have any outstanding taxes assessed or owed, including but not limited to corporate taxes, franchise taxes, employment taxes, real property taxes, special assessment taxes, business property taxes, use taxes, and/or any other taxes or assessments levied on the business?

14A. Attachment 1

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15. Have you applied for any other governmental assistance as a result of the COVID-19 emergency?

Please provide proof of application and approval for a Federal Small Business Emergency Loan that includes amount and expected date of funding, 2019 Profit & Loss Statement, Balance Sheet and Statement of Cash Flow.

17. Application for Federal Small Business Emergency Loan

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18. Approval for Federal Small Business Emergency Loan

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19. 2019 Profit & Loss Statement

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20. Balance Sheet

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21. Statement of Cash Flow

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Applicant warrants and represents that no City Council Member, or City Staff  Member, Commission Member, Committee Member, and/or any person who is subject to the provisions of the City’s Conflict of Interest Code, has any ownership interest of any kind or amount in the business for which the loan would be issued, or would otherwise receive a financial benefit from any loan which may be extended to Applicant and/or for the business. 

I attest that I have read and understood the application, and that the City of Oceanside will review the same to determine whether or not to provide a loan.  I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of California that the foregoing is true and correct.

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