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City of Oceanside
Special Event Application

Applications for permits must be filed with the City of Oceanside not less than 60 days prior to the proposed activity date.  Applications are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.  Dates will not be held without receiving an application.  Only one date per application unless event is consecutive days.

  • A non-refundable processing fee of $150 to cover the administrative costs must accompany all applications.  Late applications must submit a non-refundable processing fee of $350.
  • A cleaning deposit may be required.
  • The applicant is required to provide Comprehensive General Liability Insurance in amounts to be determined by the Special Events Committee.
  • The Special Events Committee will require the applicant to compensate the City for any incidental costs (e.g. utilities, coordination, monitoring, environmental inspection, increased police and fire protection, or other staff costs.
  • NO activity will be permitted which is in violation of local, state, or federal statutes.Applicants must adhere to all City Police Department, Fire Department and County public health codes.
  • Applicant must provide a drawing/detailed map to include the area to be used, entries and exits (if closed), set-up structures (e.g. bleachers, fences, display concessions, solid waste and recycling service dumpsters, and special events solid waste and recycling box sets, etc.).
  • Parks and Recreation activities and other City-sponsored events will retain first priority for use of all facilities.
  • After receipt of the application and the filing fee, the application will be forwarded to the Special Events Committee (Police, Fire, Harbor and Beaches, Environmental Programs, Public Works, and Parks and Recreation).  The Committee members will return it with applicable fees, conditions or restrictions, and a recommendation for approval or denial.  This process is usually completed within three weeks.
  • Groups requesting a non-profit classification must provide proof of non-profit status.
  • Any community outreach special event held within the following neighborhoods or locations will be reviewed and approved by the Oceanside Community Safety Partnership.
    • Libby Lake Park
    • Crown Heights
    • Back Gate - Melba Bishop Park
    • Tri-Cities - John Landes Park
    • Eastside - Joe Balderrama Park

Applicants are required to provide separate services for the collection of solid waste and recyclable materials for vendors, organizers and event attendees. All Special Events are required to order services through Waste Management (phone number: (760)439-2824) to manage solid waste and recyclable materials at cost to the applicant. Confirmation of solid waste and recycling services purchased through Waste Management must be emailed to at minimum 14 days prior to the event. 

No Special Events will be permitted to use or impact the use of City solid waste and recycling dumpsters or public cans.

All special events held in the City of Oceanside are required to institute best management practices (BMPs) to prevent pollution from entering storm drains and reaching local waterways, including litter abatement, preventing the overflow of solid waste and recycling services, and ensuring lids are placed on solid waste and recycling containers.

All applicants are required to complete the Solid Waste and Recycling Management Plan, detailing services fo all solid waste and recycling streams.

Once the Special Events Supervisor has received all of the comments and recommendations from the Committee, a notice will be sent to the applicants listing all fees, conditions, deadlines, and requirements that must be met.  Failure to meet deadlines and terms may result in cancellation of event. 

If you have any questions, please call the Special Events Office at (760) 435-5540.

Your event MAY be posted to the City website at the sole discretion of the City of Oceanside.  The City reserves the right to determine the content of its web and social media posting. 

Is this a recurring event?

I am the:

Event Activities and Details

Will your event have more than 2,000 participants?

Is there a fee to participate in the event?

Is the even sponsored by a City or a County agency?

Will alcohol be served on the premises?

An Alcohol Beverage Control Permit must be obtained as required by state law.

Will alcohol be:

Is event a concert?

Is event a dance?

A Dance Permit and/or security will be required, according to Oceanside City Code 10.3.

Is event a bicycle race?

Will you be having boating?

Will you be having a car show?

Will you be having carnival games?

Will you be having carnival rides?

Will you be having a dunk tank?

Will you be having fencing?

Will you be having a first-aid area?

Will food by served during the event?

Will you be having food vendors?

California Senate Bill 1383 (SB 1383) sets requirements to divert organic waste from landfills and to increase edible food recovery by 20% by the year 2025. The law requires cities to establish edible food recovery outreach and inspection programs, help connect mandated edible food generators with food recovery organizations/services, and ensure that there is sufficient county-wide capacity for all the recovered edible food.

Will you be having a foot race?

Will you be having inflatables?

Will you be having an information area?

Will you be having jet skis?

Will you be having live animals?

Will you be having live performers?

Will you be showing a movie?

Will you be having a parade?

Will you be having a prize/raffle?

Will you be having tents and/or canopies?

Will these tents be greater than 20x20?

Any tent(s) and/or canopies greater than 400 square feet (as seen with a 20’x20’), or many smaller ones close together so that they total the above amount requires a Fire Department Operational Permit –

Will you be having retail sale booths?

Will you be having scaffolding?

Will you be having security?

Will you be having skydivers?

Will you be having a solicitation of funds?

Will you be having street banners?


The City of Oceanside Public Works Department provides installation of street banners for non-profit groups who wish to advertise community special events. Organizations must provide verification of non-profit (501-C3) status.

For your convenience, the following guidelines are provided to assist you with requesting the installation of a well-designed and safe street banner.


LOCATIONS:           Coast Highway @ Seagaze Drive

                                 Mission Avenue @ Nevada Street

BANNER CONSTRUCTION:  Banners must be made of heavy plastic or canvas material which can withstand wind and other environmental conditions.  Consult a local sign shop for more information on materials and prices.

  • Banners must be no larger than 100 sq. feet (3 feet X 30 feet).
  • It is recommended that banners have 15 metal grommets evenly spaced along the top and bottom - for a total of 30 grommets.
  • Banners should have a minimum of 8 air flaps, to help reduce wind resistance, which can damage a banner.
  • Banners must have heavy nylon cord or reinforced wire running through the top and bottom seams with a minimum 15-foot continuous “tail” extending from each corner. Two lengths of rope or line shall not be tied together to extend the length of the “tail”.

BANNER  POLICY:  Banners will be installed on Mondays, if schedule permits. The maximum display time for banners is 14 consecutive days; your display time may be shorter. Schedule your display time two weeks prior to the date of the event. Location choice is decided by priority. Priority is determined by when the application is received.

Banner drop-off and pick-up location is at the City Operations Center (C.O.C.), 4927 Oceanside Blvd. Submit your banner and approved special events application that you received from the Office of Special Events to Jeff Freetly at C.O.C. Banners must be picked up no later than 5 working days following removal. Banners will be disposed of if not reclaimed as described above.

The City of Oceanside does not guarantee installation and is not responsible for damage due to weather or defective construction.

The City of Oceanside cannot guarantee the date of installation or removal.  All banners are installed on an as-available basis.  Installations may be delayed or cancelled due to maintenance scheduling, equipment availability and emergency work. Regularly scheduled work will take priority over banner installations.  The City of Oceanside is not responsible for damage due to weather or defective construction.  

Will you be having surfing?

Will you be having television coverage?

Will you be having a trade show?

Will you need:


Electricity Hookup

Exclusive Parking (Fee Required)

Beach Area Parking

Special Beach Cleaning

Special Street Sweeping (Additional Fee Required)

Street Barricades

Traffic Control

Water Hook-Up

Street Closure

Applicant must provide a drawing or detailed map of venue. Computer or CAD-generated diagram is preferred if possible.

Map/drawing must include:

  1. Map of entire venue, including street closures
  2. Traffic control plan and diagram
  3. All entries and exits, fire lanes, barricades
  4. Structures, such as bleachers, fences, displays, booths, stages, rides, etc.
  5. First-aid station, information, check-in or ticket sales areas
  6. Proposed solid waste and recycling service, pavement, including dumpsters and special event solid waste and recycling box sets. 

Event Venue Map

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  1. THE  UNDERSIGNED  HEREBY  RELEASES  AND  DISCHARGES  THE  CITY  OF  OCEANSIDE,  ITS EMPLOYEES, OFFICER AND AGENTS (hereinafter referred to as “releasees”) from all liability to the undersigned, his/her personal representatives, assigns, heirs, and next of kin for any loss, damage, or claim, therefore on account of injury to the person or property of the undersigned, whether caused by any negligent act or omission of the releasees or otherwise while the undersigned is participating in a special event within the City of Oceanside or using any City facilities in connection with the activity.
  2. THE UNDERSIGNED HEREBY AGREES TO DEFEND, INDEMNIFY AND HOLD HARMLESS the releasees from all liability, claims, demands, causes of action, charges, expenses, and attorney fees (including attorney fees to establish the releasees’ right to indemnity or incurred on appeal) resulting from involvement in this event whether caused buy any negligent act or omission of the releasees or otherwise.
  3. THE UNDERSIGNED HEREBY ASSUMES FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR AND RISK OF BODILY INJURY, DEATH OR PROPERTY DAMAGE while upon City property or participating in the event or using any City facilities and equipment whether caused by any negligent act or omission of releasees or otherwise.

The undersigned expressly agrees that the foregoing release and waiver, indemnity agreement and assumption of risk are intended to be as broad and inclusive as permitted by California law and that if any portion thereof be held invalid, notwithstanding, the balance shall continue in full legal force and effect.


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